New Year’s Eve

Royal New Year dinner at restaurant Lokys! Make your own 3 course dinner by choosing from the dishes bellow:

Chef’s compliment

 Lentil and beetroot salad with roasted peppers, cherries, goat milk cheese and arugula
 Green salad with warm pieces of venison, confit tomatoes, radishes, berries and crispy bread
 Creamy boletus soup with pumpkin oil

Main dish:
Beef fillet steak with mint chimichurri, stewed vegetables and potatoes in their jackets ;
Roasted salmon served with root vegetables, mashed potatoes flavoured with spinach and white tomatoe and basil sauce;
Lokys house regale (Venison, boar meat roasts and game sausage, served with stewed vegetables, honey-artisan vodka BBQ sauce and jacket potatoes);
Baked aubergine, tomatoes and mozzarella flavoured with extra aged cheese and parsley pesto sauce with pumpkin seeds;

 Cheesecake with strawberry dressing;
 Chocolate – cherry layered dessert;
 Hazelnut cake with liquid core and cranberry jam;

Price: 69 Eur/per person
P.S. The reservation is possible only having paid for the dinner.