Boar hunting was a privilege and an undeniable part of Lithuanian nobility lifestyle. Only the nobles were allowed to hunt, while commoners could be even sentenced to death if caught hunting.

Boar meat roast praised by Grand Duke Gediminas

Served with cowberry-wine sauce, sweet pear and potato croquets with cheese

25 €

Venison meat roasts 🚫

with boletus (mushrooms) and burnt apples, served with baby potatoes and mint chimichurri

25 €

Lokys House regale (venison and boar meat roast, beaver meat stew and game sausage)

served with parsnips, roasted tomatoes, baby potatoes, honey-artisan vodka BBQ sauce and mint chimichurri

35 €

Beaver meat stew 🚫

with champignons, tomatoes and potatoe puree flavoured with spinach

23 €

Game sausages

with stewed sauerkraut and potatoe puree flavoured with spinach

17 €

Potato - game balls

served with boletus (mushrooms) and sour cream

15 €

Boiled potato zeppelins with game filling 🚫

served with sour cream and/or crispy pork lard

15 €


🌿 – vegan, ✅ – vegetarian, 🚫 – gluten-free dish.