Every fall Lithuanian ancestors rushed to forests for goods such as hazelnuts or cranberries. They were used to enrich desserts, meats, cheese. It was believed that hazelnuts help to retain youth and healthy heart.

The red and odorous cranberry – a life berry – was an indispensable cure for various diseases. Old documents state that cranberry juice disinfects wounds. Since the old days this berry (also known as the Northern lemon) has been used in pastries, tea and even sauerkraut.

Chocolate layered dessert ✅

with raspberries

7 €

Cheesecake ✅

with strawberry dressing

7 €

Carrot cake ✅ 🚫

with ice cream

7 €

Creamy rye bread delicacy ✅

with hazelnuts, cranberry jam and burnt meringue

7 €

Traditional apple cheese ✅ 🚫

with ricotta and candied pine cones

9 €

Refreshing sorbet 🌿

Ask your waitress for available flavours

7 €


🌿 – vegan, ✅ – vegetarian, 🚫 – gluten-free dish.