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LOKYS is the second-generation family restaurant in Vilnius run by siblings. Co-owner Evaldas inherited the restaurant 20 years ago from his mother, who worked here since its opening in 1972. He currently oversees the service and usually works as a host. Sister Rita has a passion for food and wine just like her mother. Now she is a qualified sommelier and restaurant chef, boasting the diploma of prestigious Cordon Bleu Culinary School.

Our chef Rita co-operated with the historians and researched the history of Lithuanian culinary. In 2018, she renewed restaurant’s menu and combined olden recipes with core principles of modern cuisine – natural and healthy products and modern technologies. So the restaurant became the House of Forest Foods (berries, mushrooms, nuts and game), featuring historical stories about Lithuanian Grand Dukes and their manors.

Opened almost 50 years ago, LOKYS is the oldest family-run restaurant in Vilnius. Our family aims to preserve its traditions and historical heritage. Located in the Medieval Merchant House, restaurant rooms are a time travel to the centuries of the past. It features 15th-16th century Gothic cellars, a unique Baroque style room, painted with restored frescoes from 16th century as well as Wine and Small Wine Rooms, decorated in Classical interior style. The restaurant also offers an outside seating throughout the high season.

A small Lithuanian gourmet food shop LOKYS Deli has recently opened its doors in the restaurant. We carefully selected delicacies and drinks of farmers and small-scale producers from all around Lithuania so that you could taste and experience authentic Lithuanian products. Welcome!

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Forest Foods House –
Tales of Lithuanian Cuisine


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