Lithuanians loved beef since the olden times but it was perfected by Bona Sforza, the Italian wife of Sigismund I the Old. Bona Sforza grew exotic herbs and vegetables in manor’s gardens.

Only the nobility could afford fish during the Middle Ages. According to the written sources, Grand Master of Livonian Order sent a special gift, some fish, to Vytautas the Great, when the Grand Duchy of Lithuania expanded as far as the Black Sea.

Beef fillet steak, tasted by Sigismund I the Old 🚫

served with parsnips, roasted tomatoes and baby potatoes

29 €

Duck confit 🚫

served with orange jam and potatoe puree flavoured with spinach

19 €

Pork tenderloin steak 🚫

with stewed sauerkraut, baby potatoes, fermented vegetables and honey-artisan vodka BBQ sauce

16 €

Catfish roasted for Grand Duke Vytautas the Great 🚫

with nut and mustard crust, served with oven-roasted tomatoes and potatoe puree flavoured with spinach

25 €


🌿 – vegan, ✅ – vegetarian, 🚫 – gluten-free dish.